Monday, June 22, 2009

16th Century Italian Working Woman's Dress

June 22

After fitting and getting all the pieces cut out (lining, interlining, fabric), I started on the bodice outside layer first. I attached the guards using 2" red bias tape.

Also, just wanted to say I really didn't set out to copy Jen Thompson's dress I was using her wonderful website for guidance and in the meantime wound up getting almost the same color linen as her wool dress. I didn't plan it to happen that way. Linen was on sale for like $3.00 a yard at and I couldn't pass it up. But the blue was the only color I liked that was usable. I tried to coordinate other colors to use for the guards but nothing that's how I ended up with a dress almost exactly like Jen's.

On to the is the bodice cut out with the guards attached:

Here is a closeup of the linen:

Next step:
I will be making bias tape out of the linen so I can bind the edges of the bodice together and make it nice and neat looking...this should be an experience.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Multi Tasking

It looks as though I will have 3 projects going on simultaneously. Today I got 3 bodice slopers done for 3 different dresses. The first one was for the Italian working class dress, the second was for an Eleanor of Toledo style dress and the third one was for a doublet similiar to the blue one Isabella di Cosimo is wearing in her portrait.

Eleanor of Toledo Isabella di Cosimo

First I took the original Margo Anderson Pattern and traced my size with tracing paper. This way I don't ever cut up the original pattern and I can use and resue the traced patterns over and over thus preserving the originals. I then cut out slopers from muslin. This is what I will use to adjust the fit. My daughter, Heather, is a costume design major at Webster University and will be helping me with fittings. I'm so glad she is home for the summer!!!!

Sloper for the Eleanor of Toledo style dress. This shows the back where the back side lacing is.

Doublet sloper

Sloper for the working class dress.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Italian Working Class Dress

The inspiration for this dress are the paintings of painter Vincenzo Campi. These are from the 1580's.

This dress is very simple, yet pretty. I wanted something Italian, but something cool and comfortable to wear in the daytime during the hot summer months of Meridies events. This dress closes in the front, which is how I will make mine for ease of getting in and out of. I purchased 10 yards of a linen/cotton blend from for $2.95/yard!! Its very pretty and soft. I think I will do yellow guards on it...I thought about doing red...I'm not sure yet. Notice the ribbons on the shoulders that were used to tie up their sleeves and chemises when working. I will do the high necked smock in linen as well.

Here is another example of a working class dress. Notice the wrinkling on the bodice in front...that means no corset! Yay! I will probably put a little light boning in the very front to support the lacing. Other than that I will use a heavy duty canvas for the interlining. Since I have 10 yards, I may line it with the blue linen. If not I'll get some cotton or more linen to line it with. This dress has different color sleeves, so I may make some in yellow and blue, or line the sleeves in yellow and make them reversable.

Another Campi...this one is great because is shows many different styles. You can see examples the side back lacing and side lacing. Also the woman in the back has her sleeves pulled back and pinned or tied so they won't get in the way.

In my next post I'll have pictures of the patterns and fabric I will be using.

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Well after a year and a half of family youngest daughter is graduated from HS and my oldest daughter is now married!!! Now I can get back to my life.

I had forgotten that I started this blog and discovered it when I attempted to start another one.

I pledge that I will try and keep this one updated a little bit better.

Projects I am beginning this weekend:

1) A linen Italian working class dress to wear to events during the day.

2) I think I am going to attempt Margo Anderson's Iron Dress the Third Competition. Even if I don't finish, its good incentive to get started on a new Italian. Using her patterns, I am going to attempt to make a 16th Century Florentine Dress in the style of Eleanor Toledo. I have some beautiful red and gold in my stash that will be perfect.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Digital Camera Dates

You will notice looking at the pics of GL, that the dates on the pictures shows Aug. 3, 2008. That obviously is not right. Either my camera is retarded or I am. I have tried to change the date umpteen times and it never works. That being said, Golden Lily took place on February 15, 16 & 17.

Allie, The digitally challenged.


A view of the Tavern. Aelfwynn did a fabulous job painting the tapestries that depicted the story St. Brighid.

Another view of the tavern.

Sorcha and Elspeth discussing devices with Meistres Bronwen.

The best dressed ladies at the event!
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Golden Lily IX

Allesandra and Jen stepping in as our waterbearers. Allesandra is 16th Century Florentine!! I have found a kindred spirit!!!
A view of some of the merchants...Eric and his crew were a HUGE help to me in moving tables and chairs to set up the hall. Thanks guys!!!
Another merchant who was a great help cleaning up the hall after GL was over.
Our Knight Marshall Alexandre, our Herald Guaire and the Lion of Beaufort, Lord Segan conferring with Sir Kenneth.
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